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BMW Car Club launches ‘Sharknose Collection’

BMW Car Club launches ‘Sharknose Collection’

A new section of the BMW Car Club has been launched, covering all of the Sharknose BMW models.

The BMW Car Club has introduced a new umbrella group called the Sharknose Collection. This includes BMWs manufactured from the 1960s through to the late ‘80s and represent a crucial period in BMW’s history.

BMWs from this era were responsible for building the foundation on which BMW enjoys much of its success today. They had an integrity of design to them, with all ‘Sharknose’ cars brought together by the a distinctive front-end design aesthetic. The cars range from the Neue Klasse of the ‘60s through the ’02 Series, E3 Saloons, E9 CSA/CS/CSLs, E12 5 Series, E21 3 Series, E23 7 Series, E24 6 Series, E28 5 Series, M1, right up to the the E34 5 Series. Here is a video from the launch.

Club Secretary Richard Baxter says: ‘These cars are now becoming sought after whilst at the same time finding parts and specialists are difficult and thin on the ground. The Sharknose section of the Club aims to give the cars and owners a collective platform at car shows, for parts and accessories, the sharing of technical days, to support the collective family promotion in classic car publications and to network with fellow owners’.

In attendance for the shoot were some of the very best examples of Sharknose BMW’s in the UK. The cars included Georg Champ’s Verona Red 2002; Sam Lever’s Fjord Blue 3.0CSL; Tim Maltby’s Zinobar Red E28 M5; Trevor Gude’s White E12 M5; Tony Wilkes Sahara Beige E3, Stu & Lizzy Blount’s Dolphin Grey E28 M5, Jamie Myles’ Green E3 2500, Fred Marsh-Allen’s unique carburettor E12 528 and Kos Ioizou’s beautiful Zinobar 635CSi.

The Club is looking for ownership and restoration stories to share in our monthly magazine, Straight Six, and is constantly trying to attract owners of cars not yet known to the club. For the future, the club hopes to provide further benefits to the owners of these cars.

The ‘Collection’ will be on show at forthcoming 2018 events including Masters at Brands Hatch on the 26-27 May, Sharknose Europe at Rosmalen, Holland on the 23 June, Silverstone Classic on 20-22 July and The National Festival on 12 August at the British Motor Museum in Gaydon.

Visit www.bmwcarclubgb.uk for more information.

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