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1955 Aston Martin DB2/4

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Absolute superb restored by top Aston Martin specialist in Germany- Left hand drive- 1 of approximately 75 DB2/4 MKI Drophead Coupe’s built- Beautiful color combination

In 1947, Aston Martin was bought by the David Brown limited company. David Brown introduced a complete different style Aston Martin with the introduction of the Aston Martin DB2.

He also introduced the now famous initials to name a model, his initials DB.

The Aston Martin DB2/4 was introduced in the autumn of 1953 to replace the DB2. The Aston Martin DB2/4 was the first ever sports car to have a new top-hinged hatchback, which allowed for access towards the luggage area. Only 566 examples of the DB2/4 MKI have ever been made from which only 75 were Drophead Coupe’s like the car we offer now.

The DB2/4 MKI was powered by a sophisticated 2.6 liter twin cam inline-6 engine, designed by none other than W.O. Bentley. In a later stadium a 2.992 liter engine became available.

Bentley originally designed the power plant for Lagonda, and it was specifically to acquire this engine that David Brown purchased Lagonda, creating a pairing that is now on of motoring’s legendary names: Aston Martin Lagonda.

The DB2/4 was launched at the London Motor Show in October 1953, the Aston Martin DB2/4 gained its name from the addition of two occasional rear seats.

So effective was this new design that one contemporary commentator termed the Aston Martin DB2/4, as the fastest shooting brake in the world.

The DB2/4 was immediately launched in both saloon and drophead version and whilst the drophead missed out on the hatchback, it shared other design changes with the saloon.

A new one-piece windscreen changed the view from the inside and outside of the car while new bumpers with over riders protected the bodywork. Safety was also the rationale behind the newly raised headlamps. At launch, power came from the 2.6 litre twin overhead camshaft engine of the DB2 “Vantage” tune delivering 125 bhp an additional 50 kilos in the weight negating any potential performance advantage over the DB2 it replaced. In mid 1954, this engine was uprated to a 2.9 litre (2922cc) format offering a power output of 140 bhp and a top speed of 120 mph.

With Robert Eberan-Eberhorst designing the DB3, the Race Team was not interested in the DB2/4 for circuit racing but the Works Racing Department were commissioned to prepare 3 privately owned examples for the 1955 MonteCarloRally. Fitment of the newly developed DB3 cylinder heads delivered an uprated 170 bhp and the honour of the marque was upheld when 3rd, 4th and 7th place finishes delivered the Team Prize to Aston Martin.


This Aston Martin DB2/4 MKI Drophead Coupe has been newly delivered at the 6th. Of April 1955.

The car was newly sold to a Mr. Durell from London.

In the beginning of 1970 the Aston was sold to a German lawyer from Munich. This gentlemen kept the Aston Martin for a very long time.

In the beginning of the nineties the Aston was in need of attention and the lawyer, Mr. Holler brought the car to Aston Martin specialist Hieber for a restoration.

In 2007 the Aston was sold to it’s current owner.

The Aston is topic of a variety of stories.Unfortunately Mr. Holler, the lawyer past away during the restoration in the 1990’s. The car came in a corner and was never finished.

In 2002 the family finally decided that is should be the best to finish the restoration.

The result was absolutely amazing but this needs an extra explanation.

We personally know the Hieber company extremely well. We have been able to buy a small number of cars which have been restored by Mr. Hieber and his team.

The quality of the restoration of this company is absolutely exceptional.

Every car we have bought which has had a full Hieber restoration is absolutely not comparable to anything else.

The attention to detail is superb. The firm Hieber is giving so much attention to a car that it is restored and improved where needed and possible.

So this car is restored on a extremely high punctual German way and the same quality of restoration will be almost impossible to find.

We can therefore conclude that it will be extremely difficult and hard to find a nicer and better driving DB2/4 Drophead Coupe.

During the restoration the car was converted from Right Hand Drive to Left Hand Drive specification.

Furthermore every single part has been restored including engine, gearbox drivetrain etc. etc.

In 2007 the current owner bought the car. His collection was unfortunately burned.

The collection included amongst many other special cars an Aston Martin DB5 convertible.

Due to the fact that the gentlemen wanted to create as soon as possible again the same collection he told everybody to look for a DB5 convertible.

Unfortunately at the time there was no DB5 convertible on the market. A relative of the gentlemen contacted him and told him about this Aston Martin which was for sale in 2007 in Germany.

As he went on a short holiday he decided to inspect the car and due to the absolute amazing condition.

The current owner is an absolute perfectionist so this car was fitting perfectly in his collection.

Luckily after a period of time a DB5 convertible was found and due to the fact that this Aston is not regularly used the owner decided to sell the car.


The quality of this car is extremely high. As described above, the restoration company is 1 of the best we know for Aston Martin. A lot of time is spend on every single detail until a perfect result has been reached.

Therefore the entire exterior is just perfect.

Wonderful paint, superb chrome. Excellent fittings. As new windows etc. etc.


The interior of the Aston is probably the most impressive part of the car. It is made with the highest quality materials.

If you enter the car it is an oase of very soft (handbag quality) leather.

The carpets are in as new condition and in a beautiful color.

All meters have been restored and therefore the chrome surrounding is as new even as the wooden part where all meters are located.

Every single detail in the interior is superb restored and in as new condition.


Due to the low amount of miles since the restoration the engine compartment looks superb / in concours condition.

The engine bay is period correct restored and in an absolute as new condition.


Not only the looks of the Aston are perfect, driving quality is also important for the restoration company Hieber.

We have ourselves a pre-war Aston Martin which we use for many years for rallies.

We can therefore judge the quality on a long term and can only conclude that it’s excellent.

This Aston is also driving absolutely superb. As we had expected from a Hieber restored car.

No strange noises, no play on pedals. Just correct and perfect as it should be.


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