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1959 Lancia Flaminia

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1959 Lancia Flaminia GT Sport, by Zagato

Chassis Number – 824.00-1061

Lancia has long been known for its dedication to industry-leading engineering and styling, and no era of Lancia’s storied history reflects that better than their models from the 1950s and 60s. Following WWII, Lancia came out swinging with its first new postwar model, the Aurelia. A benchmark in mechanical engineering, engineer Vittoria Jano pulled out all the stops in designing the Aurelia, including the fitment of the world’s first production V6 engine. Complementing the superbly refined and powerful engine were a rear transaxle, inboard rear brakes, and an array of other sophisticated technologies simply not seen in production cars.By 1957, Lancia debuted the Flaminia, in the Pininfarina-designed Berlina coachwork, as the Aurelia’s successor. Chief among the improvements was a true double-wishbone independent front suspension, providing even better handling than the Aurelia it replaced. Produced through 1970, Lancia offered the Flaminia in various styles, including Berlina, coupe/GT, and convertible versions during its lifespan. Of these iterations, the Flaminia Sport, featuring stunning coachwork by world-renowned Zagato, remains the most sought-after today.

Built on the same short wheelbase chassis of the GT, the Flaminia Sport took power from Lancia’s celebrated 2.5-liter V-6. Coupled with the striking and aerodynamic lightweight alloy bodywork, including the trademark Zagato double-bubble roof, the Flaminia Sport proved to be an absolute joy to drive.In 1964, Lancia introduced the Super Sport, featuring revised styling, including upright headlamps, and a larger-displacement 2.8 liter V-6. When production ceased in 1967, a total of 593 had been built. Most sought after, however, are the original 99 Series I cars, whose stunning flush-mount covered headlights, kammback, and charming fine details captivate collectors. Many Lancia faithful will confide that they believe this to be the most enjoyable series to drive.Paul Tullias, Lancia collector and enthusiast, acquired this extremely rare Series I Lancia Flaminia Sport Zagato in the late 1970s. Mr. Tullias kept the Lancia for 35 years, until its purchase by the current owner in 2012. In 2014, Restauraciones Clasicas in Costa Rica began an exacting restoration, totaling more than 6,000 hours of work with meticulous attention. Restauraciones Clasicas documented the restoration in detail, beginning with the car prior to restoration. These photographs give a rare glimpse into the Zagato bodywork and Lancia renowned chassis engineering.

The Flaminia was completely disassembled, with every square inch of the car inspected, prepared, repaired, and refinished as needed. Working with Zagato in Milan, Restauraciones Clasicas managed to determine the vehicle’s distinctive original color combination of Bianco Letouquet over dark red interior upholstery, and could ensure that the car was finished correctly throughout. The masterpiece V-6 received a thorough overhaul and refinish, and all mechanical components, including the brakes, suspension, steering, and gearbox, were repaired using the correct spares, sourced from various trusted suppliers. To wrap up the meticulous restoration, this Zagato turned a handful of cautious but spirited laps to fully break the car in before it returned home.This beautiful and rare early Series I Flaminia Sport marks an important example of the Zagato’s skill and art in coachbuilding, and Lancia’s prowess in automotive engineering.

Driveline, including transaxle, driveshaft, clutch and flywheel, removed, serviced, aligned.Fuel system and brake system replumbedBrakes servicedAll doors, hatch, and lid corrected and aligned to close properlyElectrical system serviced and correctedControl linkages servicedBattery and generator mounting servicedCarburetor rejetIgnition system servicedFuel selector valve correctedRear suspension rebuiltFront and rear springs servicedSprings and suspension mounting points received new bushingsFull safety wire and cotter pin service to all systemsSteering shaft serviceCooling system service

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