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1948 Talbot T 26

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Clear historySame owner since 1987Matching numbersFrench title

This Talbot Lago T26 Coach Surprofilé was delivered new to Monsieur Lemarié on November 24, 1948, in Paris. It was ordered with a sunroof, a T83 metallic gray paint, Rudge T83 wheels, blue T26 drums, a blue leather interior and, in a small peculiarity, Marchal headlights and fog lights. Indeed, Mr. Lemarié was then the director of the Marchal company, so is stipulated on the construction sheet of the car "Marchal lights and fog provided by the customer". This is the chassis # 3351, the body # 2506, the car # 100373, equipped with engine # 26350 with piston Borgo 5 segments. All these elements are original as evidenced by the construction sheet of the car. In 1979, in the hands of Mr. Lemarié for 27 years, it was acquired by Mr. Dortomb, it posted nearly 51 000 kilometers on the counter and was registered 8133 DR 75, a registration dated 1955. Various repair bills in establishments Clémençon & Bourier in Paris, Auriac Père et fils in Clichy and Reymond in Neuilly sur Seine were made during Mr. Dortomb's possession between 1979 and 1987 and still compose the car's folder. When the current owner of the car acquires it in 1988, it was painted in a beige and burgundy biton, the wheels were black and the drums gray. A partial restoration was undertaken and the car found back its gray rims and blue drums. A plain gray paint was made on the Talbot while the cabin was kept original with some partial retouching. Very well maintained and preserved since then, the car is in a very good state of conservation. Its owner used it regularly in many rallies across France. It works perfectly well today, its technical control was even realized for the sale, without hindrance.

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