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1931 Bentley 8 Litre

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1931 Bentley 8 Litre

• The 53rd example of a hundred produced by Bentley• Lightweight body by Swandean• Illustrious 1960’s competition history including numerous speed records• Exhaustive history report by marque expert Clare Hay

First introduced at the 1930 Olympia Motor Show, the Bentley 8 Litre was the fastest production chassis in the world. Reaching speeds of over 100 miles per hour, the 8 Litre was capable of sports car performance, whilst transporting passengers in enclosed luxurious coachwork.

Chassis Number YM5028, fondly known by UK registration number ‘GT 480’, was the 53rd 8 Litre built by Bentley Motors between 1930-1931. The original service records confirm that GT 480 was built on a 13ft chassis and bodied with rakish saloon coachwork by Freestone & Webb, one of London’s leading Coachbuilders.

First registered GT 480 on 9th December 1931, the 8 Litre was sold to F.H. Payam of Hampstead, London. GT 480 would accompany Payam’s other W.O. Bentley, a 3 Litre Speed Model. The service records confirm that the car changed hands during the 1930’s before being purchased by Captain G.R. Guinness of Oxfordshire sadly before GT 480 was safely laid up during the years of war.

Post-war documentation records that GT 480 was sold to Mr George Henry Theobald, before passing through a number of owners. Purchased by Mr Michael Wilcock of Swandean Garage in 1962, the Bentley still retained its original saloon coachwork.

Over the next year or so, Wilcock would transform GT 480 into a sporting two-seater removing the saloon coachwork and fitting a spartan, lightweight Swandean body. Upon completion, GT 480 was capable of achieving speeds of over 130mph, and would compete with great success across Europe at numerous events, including; Brighton, Bouley Bar and setting a course record at Ghent.

Recently inspected by marque historian Clare Hay, GT 480 is a highly recognised sporting Eight Litre that is accompanied by a wealth of period documentation. This W.O. Bentley would be the perfect way to celebrate 100 Years of Bentley in 2019.

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