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1960 Porsche 356 - Outlaw Roadster

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1960 Porsche 356B Roadster "Outlaw"

VIN: 88295

Porsche 911 2.7-liter flat six engine, estimated 225 horsepower

Complete ground-up restoration

Porsche 911 Typ 901 5-speed manual transmission

Porsche 911 4-wheel disc brakes

The definition of a subtle-yet-tasteful "Outlaw"

Full upgrade list: 2.7-liter Porsche 911 engine, Weber carburetors, Porsche 901 Rear Torsion Tube with trailing arm mounts, Porsche 901 5-speed manual transmission, 911 4-wheel disc brake system, 911 5.5" wheels, stainless steel exhaust, Carrera fuel tank, Porsche 901 short-wheelbase suspension and trailing arms, 901 oil tank, 901 shifter, 12-volt electrical system, louvered decklid, Carrera bumper trim.

The term "outlaw" is often used to describe a Porsche that has been modified on the opposite side of the period-correct spectrum. With performance in mind while not requiring that the car look, perform or sound like an original, a wide range of possibilities open up and builders are able to embrace their creativity. With the century-old idea of the "hot rod" of strapping a larger engine into a car with improved handling and aesthetic modifications, the Porsche 356 now has come into its own and created its class of hot rod "outlaws."

This California car was originally purchased from Vasek Polak Porsche in Hermosa Beach, California. The 356B roadster remained in California until its ground-up restoration in August of 2006. The owner of the car decided that he needed more power than what the small 1,600cc 4-cylinder Porsche engine and 46-year-old brakes could offer. The 356 was turned over to a Southern California 356 specialist to thoroughly massage the Porsche sports car into a unique and one-of-a-kind Roadster.

With many ways to go about modifying a 356, the decision was made to make the iconic Roadster into the complete embodiment of an Outlaw. The car was completely restored both mechanically and cosmetically, leaving no bolt unturned, no surface untouched and every system working as new. The 356's 1,600cc powerplant was removed and replaced by a powerful 2.7-liter Porsche 911 engine. A 911s suspension and brakes were also used, along with a Typ 901 5-speed transmission. These upgrades might sound like a normal upgrade now, but in 2006 this was an unusual-yet-incredible upgrade over the 356's original performance.

Many outlaws sport aesthetic upgrades and modifications that alert even the most casual 356 fan to its presence, but it was decided to keep this Porsche under the radar. Plenty of subtle cues to the car's more modern upgrades are present, such as the louvered decklid, 911 wheels, and a fuel filler for the Carrera fuel tank in the center of the hood. The 356 Carrera 2-style rear lower valence hiding the custom stainless-steel exhaust system completes the subtle but tasteful style of this Roadster. Other modifications included a custom green leather interior, removal of the rear seats and a full complete concours-level paint finishing.

With the restoration completed, the owner kept the car in his collection until July of 2011 when Canepa first purchased the 356 Outlaw. Showing only 163 miles on the odometer, the special 356 didn't spend much time on Canepa's showroom floor, going to a new owner in less than a month. Adding a little more than 3,500 miles over the course of 8 years, Canepa recently acquired the 356 back into inventory due to the owner making room for new incoming vehicles.

Upon arrival, the Outlaw was thoroughly inspected from front to back. With only 3,775 miles on the odometer since its restoration in 2006, the car presents as though the restoration was just finished. Its finishes are show worthy, its interior showing little to no wear whatsoever, and that beautiful 2.7-liter flat six engine out back could spark a flame of appreciation for outlaws in anyone. Now available for the next caretaker of this amazing 356, this special member of the Outlaw society will keep you smiling from corner to corner, with even the most keen passerby unaware of what lurks underneath.

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