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1960 Lancia Flaminia

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The Flaminia was named after the Via Flaminia, the road leading from Roma to Rimini. This respected the established Lancia tradition of naming individual models after Roman roads (eg Appia, Aurelia, Augusta)

The Flaminia's chassis was a development of the Aurelia's, but was significantly upgraded. The original two bodies of the Flaminia were developed by Pininfarina and modelled after his two Aurelia-based motor-show specials, named Florida. The production version of the Lancia Flaminia appeared in 1957.

Flaminia development timeline: Spring 1955: Pinin Farina Florida 4-door based on Lancia Aurelia chassis. March 1956 (Geneva): Pinin Farina Florida 2-door based on Lancia Aurelia chassis. April 1956 (Turin): Lancia Flaminia with 'suicide' door and coil spring suspension. March 1957 (Geneva): Lancia Flaminia with traditional door arrangement.


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