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1957 Mercedes-Benz SL 190 - All original - untouched condition!

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The Mercedes 190SL, which is referred to by specialists as the R121 series, was produced from 1955 until 1963 and was the commercial version of the legendary Mercedes 300SL.The 190SL had all the flair, class and style of its older brother, in a more compact design. There was no difference on the technical level either, as the 190SL only came with a 1.9L, four-cylinder engine, which produced 150 hp, whereas the 300SL was powered by a 215-hp, 6-cylinder engine.The 190SL was available as either a soft-top convertible, the Coupé with a removable hardtop - for the American market – and a third option, combining both roofs ex works.

Collection by Vermant is very happy to offer you this R121 Coupé. This is an extreme and exceptionally original unit, which was produced on 28.01.1957. The body is fire truck red, with a beige leather interior and a cream-coloured top. After over 60 years, this beauty still comes with all the original panels (doors, hood and boot) as well as the original and completely rust-free floor pan. The 5*15 Lemmerz rims inscribed with date ‘2/57’ are undoubtedly the rims that were originally supplied with the car.As is the entire interior: the seats, door panels, dashboard, floor mats and chrome are completely original, with an unrivalled patina.This stunning gem was completely and minutely checked in the workshop at Collection by Vermant, as this car only deserves the best! The engine and gearbox were completely dismantled, checked and new gaskets and seals added. The differential’s seals were also replaced. The carburettors were overhauled, the ignition and valves adjusted and the car also underwent a major servicing, which included the installation of new spark plugs, ignition cables, a distributor cap, rotor, powercap, contact breakers, and belts. All the fluids, oils and filters were also replaced.New steering shafts and a steering damper were fitted, as well as new engine mounts. The brake shoes were also adjusted and the alignment checked.A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to find such a car, which still looks stately and dignified, even after 60 years.

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