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1979 Ferrari 308 - GTS

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Who can not remember the TV series Magum PI in which he is the tough guy with his Ferrari 308 GTS? A boy’s dream on wheels as far as we are concerned because we could literally dream the beautiful silhouette of the car. Always doubt whether we liked the GTB or the GTS, and we are still not completely sure. The fact is that those who want to optimally enjoy the sun on your head and hear the unmistakable howling of the 3 liter V8 must have the GTS. Red was often, especially in those days, the color that was first thought of at Ferrari, but luckily there were also enthusiasts who thought differently. Black looks great on this car great and is a chic combination with the dark red leather.

This beautiful carburetor version Ferrari 308 GTS was delivered in the USA on 30 June 1979 and, according to the advertisement and purchase invoice (all present) in July 1992, it had only driven 50.000 miles when it was registered in the Netherlands. The car is meticulously maintained and all documents and invoices are stored in a thick accompanying map. Due to the death of the Dutch owner, in 2015 the car came in the hands of a friend of him, at a mileage of 56.000. Again a real enthusiast, who ordered a specialist to maintain it thoroughly. In addition to the normal service, the timing belts, tensioners and seals were also replaced, and valves and carburetors were adjusted. For each ordered part or work that was done, the invoices are present and give a good view of the involvement of the owners.

Being a real enthusiast it is of course great to have such a beautiful car in your garage, but if you don’t have the time to drive it regularly, it may be wise to make another enthusiast happy with it. And we are now arrived at that point. For those who have been looking for quite some time for a great driving, neat, great looking and honest Ferrari 308 GTS; that person might be the right one for ours.

TECHNICAL INFORMATIONEngine: V8Fuelsystem: 4 carburetors (Weber 40 DCNF)Cilinder capacity: 2927 cc.Power: 227 bhp at 6400 rpm.Torque: 284 Nm. at 5000 rpm.Topspeed: 252 km/hAccelleration: 0-100 km / h: 6 sec.Weight: 1370 kg.Transmission: 5 speed, manual

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