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1954 Aston Martin DB2/4 - FAMILY OWNERSHIP FOR 50 YEARS

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Family ownership for 50 years- Very nicely restored including engine rebuilt and gearbox rebuilt- Restored in original color scheme- Impressive history file including copy of original build sheet and old invoices

The Aston Martin DB 2/4 was introduced at the London Motor Show in 1953. The 2/4 was a development of the well received DB2.

The Aston-Martin DB2 appealed to only a limited market because it had just two seats and a very small boot compartment. Aston Martin responded to these shortcomings in October 1953 with the launch of the DB2/4 which had two occasional seats in the back which folded forward to create a very useful (big) luggage area. The roof-line was also raised and a larger rear window incorporated into a lifting tailgate to create what was effectively the world’s first hatchback.

The Aston Martin DB2/4 did seriously well in competition.

In 1955 for the first time three Aston Martin DB2/4’s were prepared as works entries for the Monte Carlo Rally and won the team prize. Later that year two of the cars went on to compete in the Mille Miglia.

With the introduction of the ‘2+2’ DB2/4 in October 1953, Aston Martin extended the DB2’s appeal to the hitherto untapped yet increasingly important market comprised of ‘sports car enthusiasts with a family’.

But another huge advantage of the DB2/4 is the possibility to let the back seat fold down the rear seat backs to create a load-carrying platform that more than doubled the luggage space. The latter could be accessed via the 2/4’s opening rear door, a pioneering example of the now commonplace ‘hatchback’ concept.

‘This transformation gives the Aston Martin DB2/4 an unrivalled luggage-carrying capacity in a car which should be capable in favourable circumstances of achieving two miles a minute,’ reported The Motor. ‘The DB2/4 could in the time truthfully claim to be the fastest car in the world capable of carrying two people with a month’s luggage.’


This Aston Martin DB2/4 MKI was newly delivered to a gentlemen in Devon named Mr. Thomass Hoskins and the car was ordered in the color Imperial Crimson with a beige Connolly leather interior like it is nowadays.

As we have been able to find out in the history file, only 5 owners have kept the car during the Aston it’s life until now.

The first owner is described above. He sold the car to a gentlemen in Devon as well being Mr. J. Coupe who was owner or living at the Gary Arms Hotel.

It was then sold to a Mr. W. Brown in Holsworthy in Devon.

The last owner was Mr. Bennett who owned the car for a very long time.

In the 1970s, the Aston has even been used by the wife of one of the owners to use on a daily base for shopping etc.

In the late 1970s the car was not in a good shape anymore and it was decided to take the car from the road.

In the early 1990s the restoration of the Aston Martin began and invoices and impressive pictures are available from this period.

A very long restoration took place which becomes immediately clear by seeing the impressive history file which contains of 3 binders .

The body has been completely taken of and the car went completely back to bare metal

Amongst the optical repairs, according to the former owner also the engine and gearbox as well as suspension the suspension has been rebuilt.

The extensive restoration was completed around 2000.


A very serious amount has been spend on this car and this can be seen from far.

The car has a very nice paint and beautiful chrome parts. The door lines are very nice and the entire appearance of the car is extra-ordinary.

The fact that the car has been resprayed in it’s original color scheme is in our opinion fantastic and amongst the originality the color suits the Aston very well.

Also the windows are in a very nice condition without scratches or damages.


The interior of the Aston is also very nicely restored. The leather on the seats is just excellent but also the carpets are all period correct and beautifully renewed.

All the meters seems to be overhauled as well and are all in perfect working order.

The wooden dashboard has been newly varnished which is perfectly done and shows a nice shine.

The seat position which is important in an Aston is perfect as well. Quite often the seats are filled too much during a restoration because the leather looks nicer. The negative part is the seat position which is not good anymore but in this case, the seats are perfectly restored and very comfortable.


The car is a pleasure to drive. Both when cold and warm the engine runs beautifully, with a great inline-6 exhaust note and nice linear carburation with good torque, which makes the car easy to use.

It pulls well and is well-complimented by the 4-speed gearbox, which is a pleasure to use and provides good gearing for a wide range of uses. The brakes are linear and symmetrical in operation, and the chassis, suspension, and steering are tight and communicative.

Overall, the car gives really a fantastic feeling when driving her and she is almost inviting for a long drive to a nice country.

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