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1967 MINI Classic Cooper

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The standout motoring icon of the 1960sA very collectible motor carAn 100% correct and original Cooper SAbsolute amazingly restored/prepared for rally

First introduced in 1959, the Mini is the most famous small car in the world. The inventor, Sir Alec Issigonis, and friend, John Cooper, could both see the potential of the car in competition and their joint vision lead to the Morris Mini Cooper first appearing in 1961. Their development and evolution eventually led to the Austin Mini Cooper S appearing in 1963, and they went on to claim world-wide success in both rallying and racing with the versatile and nimble Mini. The Cooper S's iconic appeal as a sportier version of the Mini was specifically underlined by its success at the Monte Carlo Rally in 1964, 1965 and 1967, as well as its appearance in the 1967 British film, 'The Italian Job', in which Minis and Mini Coopers play a key role in a bank heist.

Sales of the Mini Cooper were as follows: 64,000 Mark I Coopers with 997 cc or 998 cc engines; 19,000 Mark I Cooper S with 970 cc, 1071 cc or 1275 cc engines; 16,000 Mark II Coopers with 998 cc engines; 6,300 Mark II Cooper S with 1275 cc engines.

Surviving examples are now highly desirable collector’s cars as only a small number of real Cooper S examples have survived.

ABOUT THIS SPECIFIC EXAMPLEThis left-hand drive Austin Mini Cooper S 1275cc left the factory in 1967. The car was built at the 19th of May and despatched at the 22nd. Of May 1967.It was sold via the Mini dealer in Norway in Oslo.

The car has been owned by a person in Denmark and afterwards by a family in the USA. It was then bought via Ebay in 2007 by the current owner from Holland who restored the car completely and created something special. Something extremely special.

A rarity is that this Cooper still has it’s original 1967 body shell with it’s desirable details.

The car was in an outstanding condition. Only the sills had to be replaced.

The Mini was parked for a few years in the garage of the owner and then subsequently dismantled and then slowly and very precisely built to it’s current condition.

During the restoration, the owner decided to paint the car in Jaguar Battleship grey.

The car has been made to a rally example. A very very serious rally example with an amazing engine which produces an enormous amount of power.

CONDITION EXTERIORFinished in an extremely beautiful grey colour (Jaguar Battleship grey) with a white roof. This Mini is very attractive. Everybody loves the car due to the colour but also because of it’s superb condition.

The Mini is extremely well restored exterior as well as interior wise but also technically.

Without looking at the investment, this Mini has been fully restored by a auto maniac who absolutely love classic cars. His love is easy recognisable if the car is closely inspected.Every single detail is restored very very well.
The paint on the car is very nice and from a very high quality. But actually the entire Mini is so impressively nice.The chrome is excellent throughout even as the windows and all small details.

Due to the rally upgrades, the car is fitted with headlights, spots and fog lamps. The lights are 90 watt so quite a lot of light.The car is also fitted with a 3rd. Brake light and a roof light.


The interior is as impressive as the exterior. We cannot remember to have seen a Cooper S which was so well but also beautiful prepared. The seats are race seats from Cobra.Currently there are no carpets but aluminium plates.The seatbelts are 4-points from Sabelt.The interior is full with gauges and clocks including Heuer stopwatches and a Halda twin master and a compass.

DRIVING EXPERIENCEThe driving experience is impossible to explain. One has to feel it. A Mini is always a very special car to drive. It’s fast, great to handle and the seat position is comfortable. But this Mini is completely different. It’s upgraded and driving amazingly special. The car is so fast and handles absolutely amazing. Taking a corner with this Mini is almost scary as she can do it so fast.

This Mini is in truly excellent condition in all respects, this is a wonderful example of what has become a rare variant of the classic Cooper S.It’s unique to find a REAL Cooper S which is not made from an old chassis with a new shell for example.

All original parts such as the carpets and seats are available and come with the car.


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