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1952 Bentley Special - 3/8 Racer

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Following in the footsteps of the magnificent Bentley Racing Specials created in the early and mid 30’s the Bentley Special 3/8 Racer was

Built in 2015 as Car number 1 by Racing Green Engineering ltd, it is a truly remarkable and usable car for everyday use, rallies, road trip, tours or a blast around the track.

Built using a 1952 Bentley mk v1 chassis, 4 speed manual gear box and paired with the famous B81, 8 cylinder in-line engine with 4 SU H.6 carburettors and a straight though exhaust the car is exhilarating to drive.

Along with detailed technical specifications in the cars paper work it is also accompanied with a letter and stamped photographs from B.W Fenn Director and chairmen of the Bentley Drivers Club confirming the cars identity and age.

Immensely fun to drive and has a sound track that can only be described as rolling thunder.

Uk registered and ready to be enjoyed.


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