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1968 Ferrari 275 - 1 of 30 RHD - Concours Winner

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Introduced in 1966, the 275 GTB/4 was the first four-camshaft engine to be used on a road-going Ferrari. Although the chassis was given a new type number of 596, it remained practically identical to the outgoing frame as featured on the two cam Series II Torque Tube model it was replacing. The Long Nose bodywork was also almost identical to the late 2 cam models; the most obvious change was the bonnet bulge to allow suitable clearance for the carburettors air cleaner. The body was fabricated predominantly from steel albeit with aluminium doors, bonnets and boot lids. An all-alloy body was also available but by special order only. The engines were substantially different to before, featuring dual overhead camshafts and competition-inspired dry sump lubrication. It retained the 3285cc but output had risen to 300bhp at 8000rpm. Having begun late in 1966, GTB/4 production was discontinued two years later after the completion of just 330 examples.Undoubtedly the 4 cam is a much more useable Grand Tourer than its 2 cam contemporary benefiting from much greater torque throughout its rev range. This upgraded engine specification meant the 275 finally had a motor to match its credibly up to date design with disc brakes and independent suspension all round. In short, a 4 cam is one of the finest driving cars ever produced by Ferrari. To many, the epitome of La Dolce Vita, "the Ultimate Grand Tourer" the "4cam" is now one of the most widely appreciated and in demand collector cars.Thisexample, today offered for sale by DK,is arguably the finest RHD 275 GTB/4 in existence with a superbly documented history and multi concours winning pedigree.Ordered new through Maranello Concessionaires in October 1967, ‘UPB 6F’, was delivered to its first owner, Mr. Bestwick, on the 19th of March 1968. Its first owner would only keep the car a year before Maranello Concessionaires would rehome the car with Mr. Robertson Stewartof New Zealandin June 1969. He would take delivery of the car a couple of months later when it arrived inthe southern hemisphereand was subsequently refinished in Giallo. 10835 would remain in this collection for 18 years, seeing occasional use.In 1987, the car was purchased by a well known Australian car collector, Kerry Minolas who restored the car and once again refinished the car, this time in a shade of Rosso. Mr Minolas would drive the car in Australian and New Zealand during his ownership.Between 1993 and 2001, the car would be displayed in a museum in New Zealand. Seeing several owners in the mid-2000s, the car was repatriated to the UK,at that time being reunited with its original registration. The car was partially restored by Terry Hoyle in 2002 and refinished blue.The current owner purchased this 275GTB/4 in 2008. He commissioned GTO Engineering to restore the car to a Concours standard, paying particular attention to the details to ensure the car presents as an accurate reflection of how it would have been delivered in period. Every detail was considered, as fine as the correct Kite & Scaglietti markings on the headlight covers.During this restoration, the car was stripped to bare metal. It was noted to be in exceptional condition with no signs of accident damage and retaining all of its original panels (a reflection of its charmed life in New Zealand). RS Panels made considerable efforts to preserve originality and tend only to minor necessary repairs.Taking particular time and care to ensure a period correct paint was chosen, the car was finished in Grigio Mahmoud by Spraytech of Northampton, a colour available in the year of 10835’s build. Subsequently it was sent to world-renowned O’Rourke Coachtrimmers where it was fitted with period correct Bordeaux trim (Red Vaumol), supplied by Mr Connelly Jr. The comprehensive restoration took three years and was overseen by various experts to ensure the most accurate possible finish. Tony Willis from Maranello Concessionaires Archive and Keith Bluemel (a well known Ferrari historian and concours judge) injected their knowledge throughout the project. The entirety of the restoration was also comprehensively documented and recorded.Such was the quality of this exemplary restoration, 10835 was shown on the front cover and as the main feature of the December 2011 edition of the prestigious Cavallino magazine following its invitation to and participation at the Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa D’Este in May 2011. Winston Goodfellow, one of the Judges, wrote in Forza magazine in November 2011 that it “was one of the finest four-cams he had ever seen with superb colours, great attention to detail and beautifully walked the line between original and over-restored” he went on to say that “10835 finished just a single point behind the Alfa 33 Stradale that eventually went on to become best of show”. In September 2011, 10835 was also exhibited at the National Ferrari Owners Club Concours where it won Best of Class and Best of Show.The next year, 10835 won Best in Class and The People’s Choice at Salon Privé, London 2012. In September 2014, 10835 was invited to represent the Ferrari Owners Club alongside several previous FOC concours best of show winners to compete with other marques show winners for the The Best of the Best Club Trophy at The Concours of Elegance at Hampton Court Palace. There were approximately 70 cars competing in total. The car, of course, went on to win the Club Trophy which was presented by his Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent and was then as a result invited to be displayed at The Concours of Elegance in September 2015 at The Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh.However, since restoration it has not only been about concours events, but also road use on high days a and holidays. As such the car has covered over 2000 trouble free miles since its completion and has always been maintained regardless of cost by some of the finest outfits in the business meaning the car remains not only in show ready condition but is also absolutely, “on the button”, and ready to be used and enjoyed.Benefitingfrom the desirable ‘red book’ Classiche Certificationconfirming its matching numbers status throughout, the car is accompanied by an extremely thorough history file (documenting its full restoration to the penny) and as one would expect the car is accompanied by the necessary accessories including tools and books. Simply, this is an opportunity to buy the finest RHD 275 GTB/4 extant and is for sure an opportunity not to be missed.

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