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1971 Porsche 911 / 993 RSR - 911T RSR Tribute

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The Porsche 911 Carrera RSR is one of the most iconic classic racing vehicles from the 1970’s era. The 24 Hours of Le Mans comes to mind when tracing back the roots of the famous RSR. They were a factory purpose built racing car based off of the 911 chassis and made to contend and go on to rule the GT category across the globe. Many famous racing drivers such as Jurgen Barth, Hurley Haywood, Peter Gregg, to name a few, campaigned these vehicles obtaining multiple podiums and championships.

It’s unique styling of the RSR Carrera and appeal toPorsche enthusiasts with its heritage have led the modern generation to create fantastic tribute versions of the originals. A real RSR Carrera fetches a very hefty price and tag on the fact that there are very few original’s around. The next best thing? Tribute builds.

This RSR tribute build started life as a 1971 Porsche911T. It has the original 2.2L flat six air-cooled motor paired with the original 4 speed manual transmission, both matching numbers to the chassis. A certificate of authenticity from Porsche verifies this further. This tribute build was purpose built as a road worthy vehicle, cars and coffee attendee, and weekend track fun.

ORIGINAL VEHICLE DETAILS (before conversion)

CHASSIS 9111102440

ENGINE 6117882





This one of a kind RSR tribute build dates to 2009 based on current records provided by previous owner. The RSR body is made from a high-quality fiberglass composite with a single piece front clip (bumper and fenders) and a single piece rear clip (bumper and quarter panels). The overall width of the front and rear is matched almost perfectly to that of an original RSR Carrera. Innerand outer rocker panels on the original tub were replaced with new sheet metal components, adding strength to the shell.

Paintwork replicates the original Gulf Livery of the time in the famous blue and orange which is known around the world by racing enthusiasts, collectors and Porsche fanatics. It’s an attention grabber wherever it goes!

The wheels are a set of custom made 5 spoke Center Lock wrapped in ultra-wide Goodyear racing slicks; ordered and installed during the2010 build.

The engine is the original 2.2L flat six carbureted that had a recent top end refresh in 2017. This included exhaust & intake valves, cylinder head work, new camshafts, rocker arms, new gaskets and new piston rings. The motor is solid and makes good power without any performance modifications done. Original Zenith carburetors that were refreshed during the engine out top end are in great shape.

Transmission had a recent clutch and flywheel replacement dating to 2010. It is a 903/01 four-speed that was common on the 911T models at the time. A new upgraded shift coupler to billet was installed (2019) to replace the tired and worn plastic style bushings.

The brake system is the original system found on the911T, with complete rebuilt brake calipers, upgraded braided lines, DOT4 brake fluid and improved wheel hub hardware for reliability.

Original fuel system with factory fuel tank that was removed and cleaned. Fuel lines cleaned out and a new metal inline fuel filter and upgraded fuel pump, providing efficient flow.

Suspension on the vehicle is an all original setup. Rear shocks were recently replaced (2019) with Bilstein green HD shocks. A set of rear Elephant Racing adjustable quick-change spring plates with new torsion bars and hardware were installed. The vehicle was professionally corner-balanced and 4-wheel string aligned to give the proper ride height and weight balance.

This 911 RSR tribute has a painless electrical wiring system installed. Also equipped is a brand new (2019) MSD 6AL ignition box and blaster coil, new alternator with integrated regulator, and a recent electrical system overhaul.

Interior features a 4-point bolt in roll bar painted silver. All carpet and sound deadening material has been removed for the“naked” look to mimic the factory built race cars. No radio system, no air conditioning, it’s a hardcore streetcar with no creature comforts! The flat six symphony behind you is all you need while blasting through the streets and track. Strap yourself in with a 5-point Sabelt Racing harness, keeping you tight in the classic style bucket seats while you grip the MOMO steering wheel.You get the feeling you are driving a true race-bred vehicle.

This is an opportunity to own a stunning recreation of an iconic vehicle. There will be no other vehicle like it when you drive around town, pull up to the track, or take a trip down to a local cars & coffee event.

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