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1968 Jaguar E-Type SI - E-Type OTS Series 1.5 1968 - Service history known from 1985 - 2019!

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After Jaguar’s successes in the fifties with the legendary D-type during the Le Mans 24-hour race, the car maker decided to develop a new sports car, as a successor to the Jaguar XK 150.In March 1961, Jaguar first showed its new sports car at the Geneva Motor Show. Enzo Ferrari thought it was the most beautiful car ever made. The ‘E type’ was born!This British sports car was originally designed as a two-seater convertible roadster (OTS) and a two-seater GT Coupé (Fixed Head Coupé) and caused quite a revolution in the car industry!Over the years, Jaguar produced three generations.The Series 1 used the 3.8L six-cylinder engine from the XK150S. The 3.8L versions had leather-upholstered bucket seats, an aluminium-trimmed centre instrument panel and a manual four-speed gearbox that lacked synchromesh for the first gear. All the E-types had an independent suspension and disc brakes on all four wheels.In 1964, a 4.2L engine was installed in the Series 1, enabling it to achieve a top speed of 241 km/h. These versions also had more comfortable seats, improved brakes and a clearly improved synchronised transmission and a more effective cooling system.In 1966, the range was expanded with a 2+2 coupé version, with an extended wheelbase, which was available with an automatic transmission.

From 1967 until 1968, an intermediate series, unofficially called ‘Series 1 ½’, was made as a transitional phase. After this period, all Series 1 cars featured the amenities of the Series 2, which was in the making, albeit in a Series 1 body. Jaguar considered these Series 1 ½ vehicles to be Series 1 cars.The Series 2, which was produced from 1969 until 1971, underwent several changes due to safety and emissions regulations in the North American market, altering the design’s purity, including headlights without covers, larger indicators, tail lights under the bumper, improved cooling with a larger radiator grille and better brakes. The interior was also redesigned. The Series 2 was also available as a FHC, OTS and 2+2.In 1971, the Jaguar E-Type entered its last phase, with the Series 3. Yet again, the car made all the headlines, because its longer hood now concealed an almost silent V12 engine. The two-seater was no longer available and the roadster now had the extended wheelbase of the 2+2. Production continued until 1974.

“Collection by Vermant” is pleased to offer you this Jaguar E-type OTS (Open Two Seater) from 28 May 1968. This is a car from the transitional ‘Series 1 1/2’, with a 4.2-litre, 6-cylinder engine, and 265 horsepower.Only 2,479 left-hand drive convertibles were produced of this covetable last Series 1. The car thus has all the features of the Series 2, which was in the works, while retaining the stunning body of the Series 1.The ‘OTS’ was supplied new on 13 June 1968 to Jaguar Cars, USA, in ‘Signal Red’ livery, with a black leather interior.Having spent just under 50 years in California, the E-type crossed the Atlantic to Sweden in early 2017, after which it found its way to Belgium in mid-2019. No wonder that the entire body was found to be free of any rust!

Over the years, this iconic classic has always been lovingly maintained. The owner also invested heavily in the vehicle. The entire maintenance history from 1985 to the present is available.The paintwork was refreshed 15 years ago and the entire interior was recently restored. All the rubber seals were replaced and a new mohair convertible soft-top installed. The cover is also made from mohair.In addition to this, the entire exhaust system was rebuilt, as well as the suspension.Finally, the E-type was also given a good pampering in our own workshop, where it underwent a major service. The ignition and the carburettors have been serviced and tuned.

As a result, this iconic classic is ready to enjoy many more years of carefree driving.

The car comes with a Jaguar Heritage trust document, the entire maintenance history from 1985 to the present, the toolkit…

More pictures and info: www.collectionbyvermant.be

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