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1969 Aston Martin DB6 - Saloon with 4.7 litre RSW Upgrade

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This lovely car was first registered in August of 1969 and we are grateful for previous owners for their attempts to establish the full history of the car. A copy of the original log book shows the first two owners – sadly legibility does not allow clear identification of the first owner, suffice to say it was a business who sold the car in April 1975 to a John Aldridge of Swansea. The DVLA have revealed a clearer history since 1977 when a Kenneth Mills of Oldham is recorded as owner then in April 1985, it was sold to a Denis Burke. He kept the car just 2 years before there was a rapid turnover within three days first to Peter Kirsten of Ashton under Lyne and then to a Simon Evans – one suspects that this was a trade exchange.In March of 1988, James Cronin of Romford acquired the car selling it in August the same year to Antonia Owen of Evesham and 5 years on, she sold it and it was acquired by a Warren Bingham of Sutton Coldfield through the services of Aston Specialist Four Ashes Garage. Judging by the service records that we have, the condition of the car at that stage would probably be described as “needing attention” and the service records demonstrate the work done to bring the car up to scratch.She was acquired by the current enthusiastic owner in October 2008and his attention to the car included a 2013 visit to Aston Martin doyen, RS Williams where the car received an upgrade to RSW 4.7 litre performance whist the rest of the car received the attention to other areas to ensure safe delivery of that performance

The market appetite for DB6 is undiminished and this car offers a rare and exciting opportunity for any enthusiast or collector.Its upgrade to 4.7 litre ensures that the new owner will have no problems coping with modern road conditions and, arriving on the market with a value for money price tag reflecting today’s marketplace, we do not expect the car to remain in stock for very long.

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