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1963 Jaguar E-Type SI - Low Drag

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1963 Jaguar E Type Low Drag

Exceptional race car with a notable engine.

Probably one of the best Jaguar Low Drag Lindner/Nöcker conversions, s/n 880400,engine no. NG5677-8

The most “evocative’ of all E typesThe Low Drag was the challenger that Jaguar created to compete with the glorious Ferrari 250 GTO.The concept was driven from the spirit of the D-Type but designed as a coupe, by the brilliant aero-dynamicist Malcolm Sayer, with a highly developed aluminium body designed to save weight and inparticular to deliver a reduced coefficient of friction down the Mulsanne Straight. The engine wasbased on a prepared 3.8 litre dry sump XK motor with wide angle cylinder head combined with atuned Lucas fuel injection, which gave a total output of 344 Bhp on the rolling road. The highestoutput achieved by a XK engine at that time. Jaguar built 12 Lightweight competition versions ofthe E type of which one was bought by Peter Lindner, the highly successful racer and Jaguardistributor in Germany. He raced with Peter Nöcker on long distance events. The Lindner-Nöckerlightweight was modified by the factory in 1964 to design of Malcolm Sayer to his low drag design.The car proved to be more than a match for Ferrari but was ultimately let down by some wrongcalls resulting in a mechanical failure. Tragically Lindner died in a crash in 1964 at the 1000kmrace in Montlhéry.

RS Panels bodyS/n 880400 was the first low drag aluminium body created by RS Panels and it has now earned acollector’s patina. The body is a tool room copy and the lines have clearly benefited from RS Panelsaccess at the time to both Cut 7 and the Lindner Nöcker.

Eagle low dragEagle, the leading fabricator of modern E Types launched their own version of the low drag.S/n 880400 was previously owned by Eagle as evidenced by the V5 and the similarities in thelines of the bodies of both cars are evident.

Proven Lucas fuel injection engineOne of the very few Low Drags incorporating the correct Lucas fuel injection engine with wideangle heads. The even rarer exception has been its proven reliability thanks to intensive no expensespared development time by the previous owner with Bert Skidmore’s Intrepid race team in Nevada.More recently the engine has been subject to a rebuild in the hands of Peter Lander at SigmaEngineering. The car has had minimal use since the rebuild with simply a demonstration run at theShelsley Walsh hill climb. The engine has been built to a “works” equivalent specification and poweroutput is conservatively estimated at 340bhp but the essence of this notable engine is its exquisitetorque curve which gives it tremendous driveability

FIA and extensive race focused specificationExpense has not been spared in the build nor the development, as evidenced by the build andspecification of the car. The car is highly competitive, the rolling road indicates a conservative340bhp output with a total weight of less than 950kg The car received its FIA homologation in2006 and is now bearing a FIA passport Period F (1962-1965) FIA Class GTS12 limited until12/2026. The car was previously raced in the UK but was then moved to the USA and racedin several HMSA races in 2014 and 2015 including Laguna Seca. A fully stamped HMSA logbook, invoices for professional preparing from Intrepid Motor Company including timetablesfrom every event are available. At the end of the season in 2015 the car returned to the UKand more recently was subject to an engine rebuilt by Peter Lander at Sigma engineering.

Classic events and German TÜVS/n 880400 is ready to race at classic events and will have the added flexibility of a GermanTÜV to fully enjoy the car

Technical data:- first registration 10/1963 as a E-Type SI 3,8 OTS- perfect RS Panels Low Drag conversion- complete aluminium body and bonnet- tare weight less than 950 kg- fresh rebuilt 3,8 liter engine by Sigma Engineering- Jaguar wide angle aluminium cylinder head- dry sump lubrication- 340 bhp on rolling road- original time period LUCAS fuel injection- steel racing manifold- aluminium water cooler- engine oil cooler- 2 final drive oil cooler with seperate oilpump- Close ratio straight cut gear Moss box with Welch gears- Wide rear track as homolgated- Special bell housing to allow gear box removal without engine extrication- AP twin plate clutch- BPA Engineering differential fitted with Hewland LSD 3.77:1- Diff cooler with twin radiators- Magnesium peg drive wheels- Correct Dunlop brake calipers, BG Developments- Koni big body double adjustable shock absorbers- Up-rated torsion bars- FIA legal exhaust manifold- FIA safety fuel cell and RS panels fuel tank- Plumbed in FIA Fire system- Lightweight alternator- ATI crank damper- Electronic ignition- Earls brake and fuel lines throughout- Croswaithe Cams and valves/buckets- Twin Bosch high pressure pumps- Holley pick up pump with swirl pot

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