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1964 Shelby Cobra

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1964 Shelby 289 Cobra

VIN: CSX 2518

Authentic rack & pinion street Cobra

Restored both mechanically and cosmetically

Concours-level black paint work performed by Canepa

Documented in the Shelby Cobra Registry

1,511 miles since restoration

CSX 2518 first came through Canepa's doors by Roger Werner Jr. of Greenwich, CT, founder of Speedvision and Outdoor Life Network. Owning the car since 1997, he would have Cobra Automotive of Wallingford, CT take care of his car during his ownership. When he decided to let the Cobra move onto the next lucky owner, with Roger and Bruce Canepa being long-time friends, the 289 Cobra quickly found its new home at Canepa. Immediately after arriving, the car was immediately put through the "Canepa Difference" process.

The entire chassis was cleaned by hand, as well as the interior, engine bay and trunk. The Cobra had been restored in Guardsman Blue within the past decade, but Bruce made the decision to take the Cobra to the next level of fit and finish and quality. Fully serviced and cleaned, Canepa began the process of gracing the Cobra with its new concours-level paint work, because nothing is more sinister than an all-black Shelby Cobra.

Canepa began with disassembling the car, removing all trim and components for paint work. With making the decision to paint the Cobra black, an immense amount of effort and time was put into the panel gaps and fitment of panels, with the bodylines finished to a concours level. The entire car was block sanded multiple times to ensure an incredibly smooth surface, and prepped to receive a flawless, deep black finish. With the paint process well under way, most of the chrome pieces on the car were rechromed to bring back their stunning shine. FIA alloy wheels were refinished in black and added to the car, and the roll bar was powder coated black to blend in with the rest of the Cobra.

When done, the Shelby was reassembled, buffed and polished to a concours-level, and final touches made to create a truly menacing and stunning Shelby 289 Cobra. This level of prep and work is only accomplished with 500 plus hours of labor by the most skilled craftsmen. Canepa also installed a new convertible top with restored framing and sourced new side curtains, and the car now is presented as a stunning example of what a Shelby 289 Cobra should look like.

More about Shelby Cobras

The idea of removing weight and adding more power has been around for decades for racers, squeezing any last performance out of their car as possible. Carroll Shelby took this to heart with his street car and created an American icon and masterpiece that the world now knows as the Shelby Cobra. A lightweight, hand formed aluminum body mated to a powerful Ford engine yielded a power to weight ratio that approached race car territory and most importantly, was street legal. The cars were an instant hit, receiving rave reviews about its performance and handling, thus cementing the Cobra into Americana automobile history.

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