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1947 Talbot Lago T26

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The T26 was introduced in 1946. The chassis and drivetrain were new. Fully independent front suspension with coils ensured superior handling, while the trademark pre-selector Wilson gearbox was a joy to use in comparison to the cantankerous long-throw and slow-shifting boxes other cars were fitted with at the time. But the real jewel was the magnificent 4.5-litre six-cylinder twin-cam hemi engine that Anthony Lago had developed during the War with Carlo Marchetti, his chief engineer. Not only it was great to look at with its polished Art Deco valve covers, it also gave exceptional torque, and with its 170 HP, it made the Lago Record one of the most powerful passenger cars in the world.

This Talbot-Lago T26,chassis#100007, was originally delivered to well-respected Swiss coachbuilder Graber. He made six or seven T26'sin this design and used one as his own personal car. Our Talbotwas recently restoredand now in perfect drivable condition.Alongside the likes of Delage, Delahaye, and Bugatti, Talbot Lagos represent the very best of French coachbuiltmotor cars.

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