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1973 Lotus Seven - S4

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The Lotus Seven was launched in 1957 to replace the Mark VI as the 'entry level' Lotus model, The Seven name was left over from a model that was abandoned by Lotus, which would have been a Riley-engined single-seater that Lotus intended to enter into the Formula Two in 1952 or 1953.

Externally similar to Chapman's earlier Lotus Mark VI, but with a different tubular frame similar to the Lotus Eleven, the Seven was powered by a 40 bhp (30 kW; 41 PS) Ford Side-valve 1,172 cc inline-four engine. It was used both on the road and for club racing (750 motor club in the UK).

In 1970, Lotus radically changed the shape of the car to create the slightly more conventional sized Series 4 (S4), with a squarer fibreglass shell replacing most of the aluminium bodywork. It also offered some luxuries as standard, such as an internal heater matrix.

The S4 was available with two Ford engines - 71PS 1.3 litre and an 87PS 1.6 litre - a well as a Lotus «twincam» engine pulling out 115PS.

This is one of the rare Lotus engined S4s. In fantastic condition.

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