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1937 Packard Six - Business Coupe

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Packard’s Fifteenth Series was introduced on 3 September 1936, with an incredible 50 models available for 1937. With the success of its affordable eight-cylinder One Twenty, Packard elected to move even further into mid-priced territory with the introduction of the Six, priced just $100 higher than the top models from Ford, Chevrolet, and Plymouth. Now the company’s dealers could offer automobiles in nearly every price class, and the market responded accordingly. This year Packard produced a record 109,518 cars, a number that the company had never attained before nor would ever achieve again. Ninety percent of those sales were concentrated within the Six and One Twenty model lines, advertised as “finer cars at lower prices.”

The new Six was a scaled-down version of a larger Packard, with a new engine design that was essentially a miniaturized version of the One Twenty’s eight-cylinder block, less two cylinders. Producing 100 brake horsepower at 3,500 rpm and good for a top speed between 90 and 100 mph, it was a bona fide Packard with all the elite amenities of superb quality, comfort, handling, and silence that buyers had come to expect.

The business coupe offered here retains what is believed to be its original serial number tag on the firewall, confirming that it was born with this body style. It also notes that the car was first delivered by Packard Alberta Co., of Calgary, Alberta, on 15 October 1936, making it an early example of Packard’s Fifteenth Series. It presents nicely with a charming color combination and comes equipped with fog lights, driver mirror, and rear trunk rack, with whitewall tires giving the car an appropriate period look. The grey velour upholstery is in wonderful condition and the interior features a cabin heater.

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