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1937 Bugatti Type 57 - Coupe Graber



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auction € 350,000 - 450,000


Chassis no. 57443Graber Bodywork n° 350Unique modelEuropean title

The model presented falls into this category since it is a unique model bodyworked by Graber. The chassis # 57443 was completed at the Bugatti factory in September 1936 and sold to the Bugatti Bucar agency that operated in Berlin and Zurich. This order was placed by the Grob branch in Horgen, Canton Zurich. The chassis was driven more than 150 km to Hermann Graber's workshops on 21 September 1936.

The car on offer here is a skillful coupé with a rear cabin that features the rounded side cutout typical of the Bugatti and no steps to better highlight the water-drop wings and offer a more spacious interior.It is a real success and it is only at the second glance that we notice the presence of a secondary door.It was at the Paris Motor Show in 1930 that this type of bodywork was first presented on the Labourdette stand (on a Bugatti chassis), a journalist told us about it: ""Here is another novelty, the patented bodywork called ""4 in 2"" which attracted to this stand a curious crowd interested by the ingenuity of the suit.The look of this Bugatti is no different from a classic two-door coupé, one on each side on the front foot. However, there is a second door at the back.This design is also similar to the very beautiful Labourdette bodywork on a Lorraine Dietrich chassis. Graber was inspired by it to create this elegant and fluid bodywork. The spare wheel at the rear of the car and the profile design from the open bonnet to the rear add a sporty touch to the style.

Its first owner was a Swiss architect. Then in 1960, it became the property of Dieter Marx of Basel and it was spotted there by the Dutch Bugatti dealer, Bart Loyens.The car had apparently been stopped following an engine failure. He brought her back to Holland.She went to the Dutch Bugatti Albatros agency, owned by the van Ramhorst brothers who owned some beautiful cars like Austro Daimler and Barré and of course Bugatti.In 1962 it belonged to Hans Sauerbrier, (who owned other Bugatti). The family kept it until 2008. It was well maintained and saw its engine rebuilt with a new block in the 1980s, a work done by Jan Keizer of Doetinchem (invoice). It was certainly at this time that it received hydraulic brakes for the latest models (from 1938). With this addition, while it retains the rubber shock absorbers in accordance with its series, it now meets all the specifications of Type 57.After more than 40 years in the same family, the car was sold in 2008 in England. Its owner decided to repaint the car with a two-tone paint in the style of the time.The original leather is superbly preserved. The interior details have been carefully crafted and there is still the original leather sleeve around the steering column, a particularly rare accessory.

This unique ""4 in 2"" coupé without a pillar is light and efficient, its 57 engine not supercharged is more reliable than the 57C.In its two-tone livery, it can claim both its vocation as a grand touring car and as a winner of elegance competitions.

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